“Love. Love. Love. My son has already read it 3 times!”

“A must-read for anyone who likes books with action & adventure - and it's very funny too!”

Best friends Matt and Larry “Craz” Crazinski couldn’t be more different. Matt loves order, while Craz lives on the edge. The boys share a passion for cartooning - which takes a magical turn when they buy a pen and ink that makes everything they draw actually happen. 

In this funny, slightly zany, and ultimately heartwarming story, Sid Fleischman Award–winner Alan Silberberg demonstrates the power of friendship - and that the best life is not always sketched out in advance.

“Fast-paced action, humor, and occasional cartoons will keep readers engaged in this zany story, a combination of middle-school realism and wish fulfillment. But there is some depth to this tale, too, as both boys come to realize what they value in their families and in each other. A read with one goal on its mind: entertainment.”   Booklist

MATT & CRAZ Book Trailer  copyright 2019