“Buy this book for a child who is hurting; for a child who wants to understand what loss is about, or for any adult who could use a refresher tutorial on empathy.”


The “new kid” again, all Milo wants is to fit in. But ever since his mother died nothing’S the same. Not his Dad. Not his sister. And definitely not him. 

In love with the girl he sneezed on the first day of school and best pals with Marshall, the "One-Eyed Jack" of friends, Milo struggles to survive a school year while learning how to navigate the fog of his loss.

MILO is a funny, heart-felt story told with text and cartoons and won the prestigious Sid Fleischman Humor Award. The book has been recommended by teachers, grief-professionals, librarians and most importantly kids – as a funny, real story about someone everyone can relate to.

“This is more than just another funny story about a middle school misfit who is the new kid in the neighborhood. While Milo does struggle with all the normal tween anxieties and self-consciousness about his family, there is more. Silberberg details the daily events with Wimpy Kid-like drawings and quick-witted humor that will keep the pages turning.”      

            - School Library Journal

Sample cartoons from MILO  copyright 2024